Step 2: Review Package



  • General Liability$5,000,000 per occurrence
  • Bodily Injury Deductible $0
  • Property Damage Deductible $1,000
  • Office Contents Home or Brokerage Office$20,000
  • Extra Expense Insurance $10,000
  • Off Premises Coverage
    (Laptops, Cell Phone, Camera, etc.)
  • Valuable Papers (cost of replacing or re-issuing documents) $5,000
General Liability
$5,000,000 Bodily Injury and Property damage Liability per occurrence
$1000 Property Damage deductible
Coverage extended to office in residence
Open house and missing property coverage
Personal Injury Liability
Advertising Liability
Employers Liability
Contractual Liability
Non-Owned Automobile Liability
Employment Practices Liability
$25,000 Legal Expense per occurrence $50,000 annual aggregate
Crime Insurance
Identity Theft Insurance $50,000
Comprehensive dishonesty, disappearance, destruction and Forgery
Employee dishonesty $100,000
Loss of Bank drafts or money orders inside the premises $100,000
Loss of Bank drafts or money orders outside the premises $100,000
Depositors Forgery, bank drafts & money orders $100,000
Counterfeit Bank drafts $100,000
Property Insurance Included with this package
Broad Form Office Package office Contents Package, Multi-peril Form Deductible $1,000
Limit of Insurance $20,000
Plus the following Extensions of Coverage:
Off Premises Coverage (Laptops, PDA, Camera) $5,000
Extra Expense Insurance $10,000
Valuable Papers and Records Replacement $5,000
Property Damage Deductible: $1000

This policy contains a Operations restriction endorsement that excludes Property Management. The RealProSure Program is intended  to cover primarily  Real Estate Sales. If you are part of the Central Alberta Realtors Association Home Appraisers and Home Inspectors are also included in the description of operations.

Annual Premium
(incl. tax if applicable)