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RealProSure Program

Coverage for Brokerages

Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers (formerly Toole Peet Insurance), in partnership with Intact Canada, is proud to offer a customized insurance program that provides Commercial General Liability and Property Coverage for Canadian Real Estate Brokerages. Our policy is designed to broaden the coverage provided under a traditional Commercial General Liability policy and is extended to include the Brokerage, Officers & Directors of the Brokerage, all employees, as well as associates, any unlicensed assistant and the associates Professional Corporations. We have carefully designed the RealProSure program to ensure that everyone who needs to be covered is protected under the policy.

Additional Coverage Available

We can offer additional coverage for operations such as Property Management, Business Brokering and Market Value Appraisals

Excess Errors & Omissions

We can provide Excess Errors & Omissions coverage over and above what is covered through REIX

Separate Limits

This policy is designed to cover each agent as though they have their own individual policy with separate limits.

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RealProSure Program

Complete Protection

In today’s society, Real Estate Industry members are often blamed for all types of mishaps. This policy is designed to protect you against third parties claiming property damage or bodily injury because of your alleged negligence. The RealProSure policy will pay for the costs of the investigation, defense and potential settlement and will protect both the individual agent and the Brokerage firm.

We understand that it is far too easy for a third party to bring an allegation against someone. This insurance policy provides and covers defence cost even if the allegation is frivolous and has no merit. We recognize the importance of protecting one of your most valuable resources, your time. In a claim, you’ll be able to continue normal operations while the adjusters and company lawyers defend you.