People make little mistakes all the time, but some have bigger consequences than others, and some can end up being very expensive! This is a story of one of those incidents where a small mistake ended up turning into a big problem. There was an agent who had finished a showing and was heading home for the night, however, she forgot to lock the door.

Over the weekend a group of teenagers discovered the unlocked door and decided it would be the perfect place to hold a big party for all their friends. They also decided to spray paint all the walls and break every single window in the house. Ultimately, they caused about $35,000 in damage.

The home was vacant at the time, and when the agent went back at a later date, she discovered the wreckage that had been left. When the homeowners reported it to their insurance company, they were told that there was no coverage. If a property is vacant, there are certain limitations and exclusions that most homeowners are unaware of. One of those limitations is that there is no coverage for vandalism. Of course, the homeowners went back to the agent and demanded that she pay for the damages herself as she was the one who left the door open. Without insurance, our client could have been held personally responsible for the damage and would have been required to pay out of pocket. Instead, Intact’s adjuster investigated the situation and ended up paying out around $35,000. All she had to pay was the $1,000 deductible.

This policy was specifically designed with you in mind. Your livelihood should not be at stake just because you made a small mistake. Some things in life are unavoidable so we want to make sure that you are properly protected.

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