Join the Premier Insurance Program for Real Estate Agents
RealProSure Program

Coverage for Individual Agents

Toole Peet, in partnership with Intact Canada, is proud to offer a customized insurance program that provides Commercial General Liability specifically designed for Canadian Real Estate Professionals. In today’s society, Real Estate Industry members are often blamed for all types of mishaps. This policy is designed to protect you against third parties alleging property damage or bodily injury because of your negligence.

Defence Coverage

This policy will pay for the costs of investigation, defence and potential settlement to protect you against alleged negligence claims.

Optional Property Coverage

We offer two optional property packages to cover your business personal property.

High Limits

This program includes a $5,000,000 Commercial General Liability Limit.

RealProSure Program

Operations Other than Real Estate

This program is specifically designed to cover professionals with Real Estate operations only. Other operations, such as Property Management, are not covered under our online program. We recognize that many Real Estate Agents are also involved in operations such as Property Management, Business Brokering, Real Property Leasing, as well as many other Real Estate related activities. Toole Peet has been able to negotiate specialized rates for Real Estate professionals with other operations in order to make sure you have the best coverage for your needs.

We are also able to offer preferred rates to customers carrying out Residential Measurement Services. For more information on how to obtain the proper coverage please contact our office.